To maximise the longevity and to retain the exquisiteness of your prized newly installed timber floor, it is essential to take great care of exposed areas. Each and every floor has its own different characteristics, and thus requires a specific personalised maintenance program which Blackwattle Harwood Floors provides for each project. The customised maintenance plan can also include regular site inspections and ongoing tailored recommendations to ensure that your new timber floor maintains its pristine image for many years to come.


The cost of replacing, repairing and refinishing a floor after damage has already occurred, far outweighs the cost and effort of floor protection.


Click the links below for some simple, but often overlooked tips:

Protective Pads

Fit protective pads to furniture legs to decrease the risk of surface damage markings caused by dragging of chairs and couches.

High Heels

Keep high heel shoes in good repair. Stilettos and other high heeled variants that have worn through their protective cap will expose the shoes fastening nail. The amount of direct force exerted by this is enough to damage any floor, let alone delicate timber.

Dirt Trapping Mats

Use dirt trapping mats at exterior entry points to your property to prevent dirt and sand (which will act as coarse sandpaper) from entering your home or office.

Pet Damage

Cat and dog nails can scratch the floors finish and cause surface damage over time. Keep pets’ nails trimmed regularly.


Wipe up food or other spillage immediately with a dry cloth or paper towel. Additionally, for general floor maintenance use only recommended quality floor mops.

Cleaning Products

Do not use general house hold cleaning products or acidic based cleaners such as vinegar, which will damage the surface seal of your timber floor.

Unfortunately, without optimal care and maintenance, over time, a once gorgeous timber floor can start to lose its lustre, especially with water damage or high volumes of foot traffic. Even once floors fall to a point where it would seem as the damage is irreversible, there is still a light at the end of the tunnel. Refinishing hardwood floors can restore them to their former beauty and protect them for many years ahead. For best results we recommend that any sanding or polishing should be carried out by professionally certified flooring experts.


For more detailed information regarding care and maintenance of your newly installed timber floor, please contact the Blackwattle Hardwood Floors’ team at